Lunares 2
Lunares 2
Lunares 2
Lunares 2

Lunares 2

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Since I was a child, I have always had many nevi scattered throughout my body and I love that in the Spanish language they are known colloquially as "Lunares", because in the past their origin was attributed to the influence of the "Luna" (moon).

In my daily walks in the midst of nature, it is inevitable to identify in their most diverse forms of representation, some very beautiful round (or almost) stains and an infinite range of colors. The "lunares" are on the leaves, insects, animals... They are so characteristic marks that make each one unique. 

. Size: 29,7 x 29,7 cm 

. This is the original painting on watercolor paper 300g/m2

. Application of authentic gold sheets

. Year: 2020

In my watercolor painting process, I usually use a lot of water, which sometimes causes a ripple at some point on the paper, this is natural and is part of my creation. Once the work is framed, this undulation should not be so visible. 

*Frame not included.
*Please note as all monitors are different, colours may appear different to what you see on your screen.