Equilibrium II
Equilibrium II
Equilibrium II
Equilibrium II
Equilibrium II

Equilibrium II

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Create an instant. That moment when a silence leads us to calm and tranquility. I learned from Yoga practice how important it is to level our emotional ups and downs.

The postures of equilibrium not only develop a physical balance but also contribute significantly to emotional and mental stability. Breathing, concentration and patience are key elements in this path.

If I fall, I try again. I take a deep breath and dress with a big smile, after all, in order to balance we need to be aware of our limits and allow ourselves to appreciate the simplest things in life.

This painting has a palette with shades of blue and red, white pointillism and metallic silver accents.

Size: 20,5 x 29,7 cm 

. This is the original painting on watercolor paper 300g/m2

. Application of authentic silver sheets

. Year: 2020

In my watercolor painting process, I usually use a lot of water, which sometimes causes a ripple at some point on the paper, this is natural and is part of my creation. Once the work is framed, this undulation should not be so visible. 

*Frame not included.
*Please note as all monitors are different, colours may appear different to what you see on your screen.